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February 15, 2019

Sick of that same old love? There’s nothing harm in exploring other options as well

There’s nothing wrong in exploring options if you are frustrated in your current relationship. Here’s why 😉

Are you sick of that same old love?

Relationships are good to begin at because the freshness of every relationship carries an excitement with itself. During the start, under the adrenaline rush, everything seems to be so perfect that even the flaws of your partner seem to be the cutest habits to you. But as time passes by, it is then that you actually understand the other person better and your own needs from a relationship. Only time can check the compatibility of you and your partner. Sometimes it’s not about either or both of the persons being good or bad, it’s about the compatibility of their respective personalities fit right or not.

Most commonly in the heck of holding on to relationships, people often tend to ignore their own happiness in the relationship, which ultimately leads to the feeling of dissatisfaction. If you’re too feeling that dilemma of being in a relationship which carries a pleasant past but isn’t a healthy one at present, you must analyse and have a broader view of the status quo of your relationship.

Being in a relationship is a good thing but happiness is what life is all about. After all, there’s only one life and that is defined by the choices you make. How could you make others happy when you yourself aren’t? And how could a relationship prosper if both the counterparts aren’t? If you’ve been going through a similar situation, I hope you realise that it’s high time you understand the importance of understanding the need of the hour. In order to have a better understanding of the situation, you can try exploring other dating options. This will help you learn a lot of things, here’s why:

1) Self -actualisation: A better understanding of your own needs

Meeting new people will help you come in contact with various kinds of girls. It will help you realise what kind of qualities appear more attractive to your personality, and what things bring you more happiness. You’ll have a better understanding of what all your needs and expectations are from a relationship and from a life partner. Not only will you have a good time meeting and connecting with new people, but also it will help you analyse women’s behavioural traits. Also, you’ll learn to build a more effective conversation and impression at the right time, which could be beneficial for your future love-life.  

2)Reality check of your relationship:

Meeting diverse personalities will help you realise the actual reality of your relationship and help you asses what all is lacking in your present partner’s behaviour currently.    This can help you take a decision by realising if you can make it better or it’s time to switch to a new partner instead.

3)Why your relationship lacks the spark it needs?

Dating other women would help check your compatibility with other women wherein you may actually realise what is lacking in your relationship, which, if present could help you improve upon it. Further, if you plan to improve your current relationship, you will already know where to work upon. On the other hand, if the realisation of your relationship going far beyond repair crosses you and gives you a hollow feeling, you’ll know its high time to move on.


As we all know, a relationship builds from the inputs of each person equally. Therefore it is equally important to understand your own shortcomings as it is to understand the other persons’. Dating other women help you evaluate their feedback about you and understand what changes you need to make in your behaviour for becoming a better version of yourself. Also, it will help you analyse the second thoughts to move on. The choice then rests in your hands. You’ll have had a trailer of the same.

5)Filling that void:

Even after dating you feel that you don’t connect to other women as good as you connect with your current partner, then good news! You know that she is the right one! All you need to do is invest more in your relationship, bring in more efforts and strengthen the weak points.

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