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February 20, 2019

How to get more matches on Tinder

When it comes to online dating, the best app you can join is Tinder. With time Tinder has gained popularity at a rapid rate, and is the most accepted dating app among the youngsters. If you have been looking for more matches on tinder, we recommend you these suggestions that will increase the number of matches you get on Tinder:

  • Relevant Bio
  • Adequate photographs
  • Modify settings

Relevant Bio

  • Create an interesting Tagline: Having an interesting tagline will improve your chances of being swiped right rather than being passed away by the people visiting your profile. Also, this will add to the uniqueness of your profile. You can choose a quirky tagline for your profile.
  • Don’t skip the bio section: Skipping the bio section may result in your profile being passed by. You must mention your complete educational qualifications and work experience so that your profile looks genuine.
  • Reflect positivity: If your profile gives a positive vibe, it will attract more likes from the people visiting your profile. No one likes people who are negative in their life, any negativity will drive people away easily. Avoid talking about your exes or about your previous relationships.
  • Keep it short and simple: Don’t share too much. Providing too much insight into your personality and giving too much information will lose the interest of the other person. Generally, short and interesting profiles catch attention, as they leave a curiosity to know more.
  • Add a taste of humour: Adding a taste of humour will attract more interest than normal. Adding humour will leave the impression of a happy personality. Everyone wants to be around people who are happy and who spread happiness.

Adequate Photographs

The first thing that shows up in your profiles is your photographs. Most of the people on tinder first judge on the basis of photograph before reading the bio. If the photographs are attractive, then chances are highly likely that you will get swiped right.

  • Upload high-quality photographs:While uploading photographs, make sure that you upload high-quality photographs and you keep yourself at the focus of the photograph. Having an interesting background proves to be more helpful.
  • Avoid too much-sexualised photographs: If you don’t want people to be judgemental about you and your personality, then, avoid such photographs. Such photographs create a negative impact rather than attracting their interest.
  • Lesser Photographs: In case of the number of visible photographs, less is more. Ideally, you should keep 2-5 photographs visible in your Tinder profile. Keeping too many photographs drives away chances of being swiped right.
  • Avoid Photographs with a male partner: Photographs with your ex or your male friends would turn to be a turn-off for the people visiting your profile. Avoid using such pictures in order to get more number of matches.
  • Positive Body Language: Your body language says a lot about you and your personality, more than you yourself would be aware of. Therefore, in order to optimise your chances of getting a right wipe, maintain a positive body language in all the photographs that you upload.
  • Natural Headshots: Attractive headshots will give the viewer a better look of your face. No one would swipe right any profile if they don’t get a clear view of the face. Make sure you highlight your best features such as eyes, lips, etc. Don’t overdo make-up or put on duck face or pouts. Keep it simple. Wear a natural smile.
  • Include full body photographs: Including full body photographs among the visible photographs increases the probability of getting a right swipe. Having a nice dress in the photograph will make your profile more attractive. Providing a full body photograph will give them an idea, an image of the kind of person they’re going to date.

Modify your settings:  

  • Increase your range of distance:  Generally, increasing the range of distance covered will increase your chances of getting a match since it will now cover more visitors for your profile. In order to change the distance limit you just have to follow these simple steps:
    • Open the tinder app on your Android/iPhone
    • Tap on the profile icon situated at the upper-left corner
    • Tap on the SETTINGS option.
    • Slide the “Maximum Distance” slider towards the right side.
  • Increase the age-limit: Increasing the age-limit covered will incorporate more options for a match. But at the same time keep in mind the age range that you could be comfortable dating with. Therefore choose this range wisely. To change this setting, open your profile and tap on settings. Then move the Age Range slider according to your convenience.
  • Super-like boost: The “Super like” option is limited to one per day. But you can extend the option to five per day by using Tinder Plus.
  • Paid boost: You can make use of Tinder-boost in order to increase your chances of getting more matches. It is a service that positions your profile temporarily towards the top of swipe list. It is free once a month for Tinder Plus users. You can also buy one boost for $3.99, 5 boosts for $15, or 10 boosts for $25. Paying for this service will increase your chances of getting potential matches.
    • Each time you use Tinder Boost, it positions your profile up for 30 minutes. Tinder has said that this service may increase your number of views by 10 times.
    • Don’t use this service during low tinder activity periods such as in the afternoon, during workdays. Instead, use this service during evening hours, or during weekends.  
  • Tinder Gold: Tinder Gold includes all the benefits that have been mentioned above. Additionally, it also notifies you immediately when someone swipes right on your profile. Thus it becomes easy to match with them instead of having to wait to come across their profile later. This helps you get a match instantly, before the other person’s interest fades away. Tinder Gold’s price may vary according to your region but it costs around $5 per month in addition to the Tinder Plus fee.

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