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February 21, 2019

Beautiful PubG girl streamers you want to date

You have probably heard of saying, ”beauty with brains”. Well, there are some who proves it. There are some amazing female players who live stream their game on Twitch a platform used by gamers and they have millions of viewers and fans. A girl who is into gaming and who knows how to play it well is a major turn on for boys. We get head over heels over a girl who is into gaming cause that’s so attractive, seriously!! we couldn’t ask for more. So, let us take a look into the list of beautiful PubG girl streamers you would want to date in real life:



1.Lurn aka Lauren :

She goes by the name ‘Lurn” in the gaming community. She rose to fame from streaming multiplayer video games like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground and World Of Warcraft. I mean just look at her, isn’t she so prettyyyy????


Every boy would die to get her to play PubG with them.

  1. Danucd

She hasn’t revealed her real name yet. She is popular for displaying her skills in PubG. She has a rank of 328 in twitch platform. Go on just take a look at her picture, judge yourself 😉


You can go follow her on twitch platform if you want to see ger the most candid moments.


  1.  Lumi

She is phenomenal in PubG and she is blowing up there!! She is termed as female Shroud in the game. Look how cute she looks in that snapchat filter.


  1. Lil_lexi

She is a twitch partner who is famous for streaming first-person shooters like Rainbow Six: Siege. Nowadays she also streams PubG and her stream currently has more than 1 lakh loyal followers.



  1. AnneMuition

She has kept her real name quite private. She is a popular player of PubG and has accumulated 13 million views till now. She is predominantly homosexual but she has dated some boys as well. So, there you go, you have a chance, boys 😉


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